The Next Generation of Cardiopulmonary Care

NuvoAir is a virtual-first specialty care provider that empowers and engages people living with complex heart and lung conditions like COPD, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), and Asthma around the world.

Managing patients with COPD and CHF is complex and challenging

Cardiopulmonary patients, many of whom are struggling with multiple comorbidities, are often isolated, disengaged, and ignored by the healthcare system. Worse yet, point solutions have failed to deliver meaningful outcomes.

One in two seniors has heart or lung complications

Exacerbations drive 60% of hospital admissions

70% of COPD admissions are associated with comorbidities

Wait times are 4 to 16 weeks to see a cardiologist or pulmonologist

NuvoAir embraces the complexity of cardiopulmonary conditions

NuvoAir’s virtual-first care model helps prevent exacerbations associated with COPD and CHF by integrating a virtual clinic, personalized care, connected monitoring devices, and an omnichannel engagement engine to break the cycle of disconnection and failure.

Reimagining heart and lung care

Personalized programs

We tailor clinical programs to members' unique needs, based on their motivations and risk factors.

Smoking cessation
Pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation
Fitness, diet, and nutrition
Treatment plan review
A woman using getting an SPO2 reading
A man using a NuvoAir AirNext spirometer

Clinically relevant data

Our devices continuously and remotely collect biomarkers to empower the best clinical decisions.

Oxygen saturation
Medication Adherence
Blood pressure
Heart rate

Virtual clinic

Our interdisciplinary care team conducts timely clinical interventions whenever patients need help or signals in the data indicate concern.

Cardiologists and Pulmonologists
Respiratory therapists
Health coaches
A woman using getting an SPO2 reading
A man using a NuvoAir AirNext spirometer

Exacerbation prevention

Our analytics engine drives the next best action in our clinical model to predict and prevent exacerbations.

Reduced healthcare costs
Better clinical outcomes
Improved patient experience
Enhanced Hedis/Stars/CAHPS measures

Proven Results

Our virtual-first care solution effectively engages and manages people with COPD and comorbidities.

80% Decrease in hospitalizations
60% Decrease in exacerbations
87% Improved quality of life
NPS 60 Net promoter score

*Based on patient reported outcomes from a 2021-2022 pilot with rural patients at a primary care clinic in Kentucky and a pulmonary specialty clinic in Indiana.

Partnering across the spectrum of care


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