Celebrating World Asthma Day with the Release of our Aria for Asthma App

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Aria for asthma Asthma is amongst the most common respiratory diseases affecting over 300 million people around the world. For some people, asthma is a minor health issue but for others, it can bear a significant burden and even turn fatal. In the United States alone, about 10 people die a day from asthma. According to a recent study published by the American Thoracic Society, Asthma costs the U.S. economy more than $80 billion annually in medical expenses, missed work, school days and deaths.

Having asthma can severely affect everyday life if not monitored and managed efficiently. An essential part of managing asthma is to have a written asthma action plan, developed together with a physician who is familiar with the patient’s asthma history and management.

Having an asthma action plan can greatly assist both the patient and physician to monitor the condition, quickly recognizing when asthma is getting worse. It’s important to create an individualized plan specifically tailored to each specific patient’s needs. Creating a written asthma plan has been shown to reduce absence from daily activities, doctor visits and improve control over the condition.

Last month, we announced our funding round of 3 million USD to fuel our development pipeline and commercial effort to continue to monitor and improve respiratory diseases. Today, on World Asthma Day, we are excited to announce that we have included a brand new Asthma disease module in our Aria app which is tackling the aforementioned challenges.

We have been working on this new Asthma solution for over 12 months and have proudly co-designed it with asthma patients and leading pulmonologists. The concept of the app is thereby based on insights from state-of-the-art research on digital asthma care which has been carried out over the past decade.

The purpose of our Aria for Asthma solution is to offer a personalized digital action plan to patients helping them to better control their condition and activate early medical intervention to prevent deterioration – All in one simple app. Our machine learning algorithms, which will become more refined over time, can already provide patients smart insights on how to better manage their condition.

As of today, patients receive access to solution through their caregivers. We are currently onboarding selected hospitals and primary care centers across Europe and are teaming up with corporate partners as part of strategic engagements.

If you want to learn more about the solution or want to get involved please get in touch directly with Paul from our team at paul.kirchmeier@nuvoair.com – Looking forward hearing from you!