Fighting Cystic Fibrosis: Meet Ali Dillon and her son Oli

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In the summer of 2018, we wrote about our partnership with The Royal Brompton hospital in the UK to transform remote care for Cystic Fibrosis patients. Click on the video below to learn more about our partnership and study:

Today, we would like to introduce you to Ali Dillon and her son Oli, a CF patient from the Royal Brompton Hospital. Ali is a CF advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and a proud parent using NuvoAir for her son. Check out our interview with Ali below to learn more about her experience:

1.How did you find out about NuvoAir and why did you decide to use our technology?

Initially, we ordered the NuvoAir device after doing some research and thought it would work well. But, when we went to visit the Royal Brompton Hospital, we were given a NuvoAir spirometer. We then cancelled our order and used the device the hospital gave us.

2.How has NuvoAir made a positive impact on your life?

It gives us reassurance. We live a long way from the hospital and traveling to London just for a lung function test is time-consuming. If we are concerned whether he needs to be seen, a quick check gives us all the info we need. My son uses it as a reassurance so if he’s concerned he will check what his lung function is when he needs it, for instance, if he’s rung the hospital and they ask for his lung function.

3.Why would you recommend NuvoAir to others?

The convenience and reassurance it gives us are invaluable. I have recommended it a few times and posted it on social media. We take it to the clinic with us to avoid using their equipment and avoids cross-infection risks. It’s quick and easy to use and kids love the technology!

4.What are you personally doing to raise awareness of CF?

In the past we have fundraised as a family and I was involved in the celebrity t-shirt campaign Get It Off Your Chest when my son was a child. I have been involved with most CF campaigns over the years but I am now fully involved with the #UKNeedsOrkambi campaign for precision medications.

5.What would you like others to know about your efforts and how technology has made a difference today?

This Technology makes our life much easier these days. We no longer have to regularly attend clinics in London. We can use a videoconferencing interface and show the doctors my sons Lung Function results. It’s an important device for us because it gives him back time that would be wasted traveling. I would like people to know CF still steals away 3 young lives every week and there are medicines out there that can stop the clock on their disease and it’s cruel that young people are denied access to them, and I will not give up fighting until they get access.