NuvoAir and Medidata Partner to Advance Clinical Trials with Pulmonary Digital Biomarkers

Meera Montan

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NuvoAir, an integrated, tech-enabled value based care provider that focuses on supporting patients with cardiopulmonary conditions, is excited to share its new partnership with Medidata, a leading digital transformation company in life sciences and the largest provider of electronic data capture (EDC) working across 30K clinical trials worldwide. This collaboration advances the opportunities for studies to capture respiratory endpoints from both at-home and in-clinic settings, improving the participant and study site experience and allowing trials to scale at speed.

As a value based specialty care provider, NuvoAir leverages a multidisciplinary team, personalized care, and predictive technology to engage patients across the healthcare system – from supporting diagnosis and providing ongoing care, to helping biopharma uncover new treatments. NuvoAir’s end-to-end Clinical Trials Platform enables the collection and integration of a range of respiratory endpoints via a suite of connected devices, which includes NuvoAir’s Air Next spirometer. Through a dedicated patient app, clinician portal, and an incorporated telemedicine solution, NuvoAir has modernized the collection of digital respiratory endpoints.

The Medidata Sensor Cloud Network will now integrate NuvoAir’s suite of connected devices, which can be used in decentralized and hybrid trials across a range of therapeutic areas requiring respiratory endpoints. Medidata’s Sensor Cloud Network fosters industry-wide collaboration focused on solving challenges related to sensor integrations, standardization of sensor data, and the development of digital biomarkers and algorithms leading to new breakthroughs in advancing the understanding of disease progression. This helps to drive the development of more effective treatments for patients.

“We’re excited to welcome NuvoAir into the Medidata Sensor Cloud Network. With the growing interest in collecting spirometry data in clinical research, Medidata will deliver new capabilities to customers who are running cardiopulmonary studies. Our partnership with NuvoAir will enable sponsors and CROs to make significant progress in delivering novel therapeutics to patients suffering from complex heart and lung conditions,” said Matt Noble, Senior Vice President, Medidata Patient Cloud.

This collaboration supports sponsors to run more effective clinical trials and helps to reduce the participation burden for both patients and study sites.

“At NuvoAir we value the simplification of collecting digital endpoints in clinical trials. This partnership with Medidata Sensor Cloud facilitates a centralized repository of digital endpoints, which enables a consolidated review of data. By integrating our solutions, we can simplify the experience for sponsors, monitors, sites and ultimately, make it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials,” shares Furat Shawki, General Manager of Clinical Trials at NuvoAir.