NuvoAir Takes Home Coveted Award at eyeforpharma

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Throughout the past few years, we have been working around the clock to create a technology to improve the lives of respiratory patients. On March 12, 2019 - our hard work was recognized as we took home the Most Valuable Patient (MVP) Initiative Award at eyeforpharma, the biggest commercial pharma event in the world. Over 1,600 industry professionals attended the event which took place in Barcelona.

The MVP Initiative Award focuses on agile innovation that is happening outside of the big pharma community. We are extremely honored that our efforts have been noted. The expert panel of judges consisted of industry experts, patients and advocates.

As described by eyeforpharma “NuvoAir is a fast-growing digital health start-up working at the intersection between healthcare and technology and changing the way healthcare is delivered. NuvoAir combines hardware, software and data to improve lives of people suffering from respiratory conditions and to enable better and faster clinical decisions.”

We were acknowledged for our sophisticated and seamless smart spirometer Air Next and Aria, our that is continually helping individuals living with life-long lung conditions such as CF, Asthma, COPD, and others. Our CEO Lorenzo Consoli was described as “jubilant” post-victory. A feeling the entire company can surely relate to.

“This award will give us a great visibility from a commercial standpoint. It is also a testament to the work the team has done — both in NuvoAir and the physicians at the Royal Brompton Hospital. That is very important.” As we celebrate this win, we are reminded of just how important the work we are doing is. Thank you eyeforpharma for recognizing the strides we are making within at-home diagnostics. Now back to work!