Pioneering Digital Therapeutics for CF Patients in Sweden: Meet Dr. Marcus Svedberg

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Name: Marcus Svedberg
Occupation: Pediatrician with Internship in Pediatric Pulmonology
Location: Sweden
Hospital: Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Gothenburg Sweden
Ward: CF, Pulmonology and allergies
Supervisor: Dr. Anders Lindblad

Dr. Marcus Svedberg has been working at Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden to make remote monitoring easily accessible to people with cystic fibrosis. His goal is to reduce the number of hospital visits for patients and provide them with a tool to monitor their lung function from home. He is currently conducting a pilot with 13 children with CF and believes that digital health will play a huge role in the future care through providing more individualized healthcare for patients with respiratory conditions. Take a look at some key take aways from our recent conversation with Dr. Svedberg:

Tell us about your experience with the NuvoAir solution so far:

My supervisor has been keen for me to pioneer a new solution to help improve the lives of our CF patients and in moving towards that goal, I have had a very positive experience in using the NuvoAir solution for remote monitoring of lung health. We understand that many patients and families want to limit their commute time and visits. I am working very hard to make that a reality for them. The team at NuvoAir have been extremely helpful in answering all my questions and assisting me along the way. I want to implement remote monitoring and virtual clinics on a larger scale across the hospital, but we recognize that more time and resources are needed to make that happen. I am currently conducting a study that will be finished this month and if we are satisfied with the results, all 45 of our patients above the age of 5 years old will be eligible to receive a NuvoAir device.

What are your patient’s thoughts on using the NuvoAir spirometer in practice and having access to virtual clinics?

The patients have really enjoyed being able to track their lung function on their own and have no problem sharing their data with us. They are open to seeing how the virtual clinic can make a positive impact on their respiratory care and many of them would like to get to a point where every second visit or more will be a digital meeting instead of coming into the hospital. Both patients and their parents are interested in learning more about NuvoAir. The patients that we currently have in the pilot are really pleased with their results and experience.

What do you think needs to be in place to make the most of digital tools and software like the NuvoAir solution?

Educating the staff, patients and parents is essential to making this successful. We want to make sure all three parties understand how to use the device and how to read the spirometry results properly. I feel that I have developed a better relationship with my patients during this pilot and look forward to seeing where this can go. I am excited to share the results upon the completion of the pilot.

Setting up a virtual clinic takes time and training to ensure both the physicians and the patients are well equipped to properly use the technology but I hope that one day soon we can have a virtual clinic up and running for a variety of purposes, not only children with CF.