Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics for Cardiopulmonary Conditions

NuvoAir is a digital health company that partners with the NHS to help patients with heart and lung conditions understand and manage their health from home.

NuvoAir reduces bottlenecks and saves money for the NHS

Specialist monitoring

Through high-quality remote monitoring using a range of biomarkers, we work with secondary and tertiary NHS care teams to understand and manage complex cardiopulmonary conditions such as COPD, severe asthma, and cystic fibrosis.

A woman using getting an SPO2 reading
A man using a NuvoAir AirNext spirometer

Care coordination

NuvoAir Care Coordinators work with care teams to provide a consistent point of contact for patients with complex needs, relieving workforce pressure by utilising ARRS funding for additional roles.

Diagnostic pathways

Our remote assessments, facilitated by respiratory physiologists, increase the capacity of clinical teams to accurately diagnose conditions such as asthma, COPD, and congestive heart failure (CHF).

A woman using getting an SPO2 reading

Our devices generate clinically relevant data

Our devices remotely collect biomarkers to empower the best clinical decisions, while being easy to use for patients from the comfort of their homes.

Air Next spirometer

Bluetooth and cell-enabled spirometer

Aos inhaler sensor

Add-on sensor that tracks inhaler usage and technique

Weight scale

Tracks weight change over time

Activity tracker

Integrated with Apple Health to track physical activity

Blood pressure cuff

Instant read and upload

Pulse oximeter

Measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate

Learn about NuvoAir’s Asthma Service

Macbeth was one of the 1.3 million people suffering from uncontrolled asthma in the UK. Hear how NuvoAir’s Asthma Service has impacted Macbeth’s life and learn how the service is supporting respiratory clinicians to diagnose, manage and treat patients.

Proven Results*

NuvoAir’s clinical service has proven results in managing complex lung conditions.

80% Of patients achieve A-C grade spirometry results
93% Retention among NHS customers
39% Reduction in urgent consultations
NPS 91 Net promoter score

*Based on a study with the Royal Brompton Hospital and NuvoAir data on file.

Our join

We work with forward thinking NHS clinicians to deliver better care for patients

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