NuvoAir Clinical Trial Solution

A flexible and patient-centric clinical trial ecosystem capturing real-time digital endpoints.

Features of NuvoAir Clinical Trial Solution

NuvoAir offers an end-to-end solution for clinical trials with respiratory endpoints.


Multi-language eConsent integrated as part of the onboarding process for a smooth and proficient process.


Combine qualitative data capturing with electronic patient reported outcomes.

Triggered events

Supports dynamic protocols with triggered reminders for optimized data capture.


Medical grade inspiratory and expiratory full dynamic spirometry according to ATS guidelines.

Video call

Fully integrated video call to enable virtual site visits. Screen sharing for live coaching during home spirometry.


Why NuvoAir?

Enhance the patient experience with the premiere fully customizable respiratory virtual clinical trial ecosystem


Patient Centric

Our offering looks, feels and acts like a consumer product. Patients are delighted by their user experience.

fast and flexible

Fast and Flexible

We can start a study in a matter of weeks and customize the platform to meet any of your needs.

data driven

Data Driven

We can monitor in real-time when every data point is captured and pro-actively engage with the sites to ensure protocol requirnments are met.

high quality

High Quality

NuvoAir drives a new era of data quality in respiratory trials by introducing real time in-app coaching and a layer of human oversight.

Data Quality

Complete inspiratory and expiratory endpoints with AI driven coaching to allow for error free and reproducible tests resulting in the highest quality data.

Over-reading: Cutting edge over-reading interface. Connect your own experts or leverage one of our partners for central over-reading to optimize value of all data.

Real-time spirometry results overlaid with disease specific symptoms creates real world data and insights that are unavailable using traditional methods.

Data transfer: Self-generated or automated data transfers in CSV or SAS format.

Flow-Volume loops with both inspiratory and expiratory data analysis.


An integrated ecosystem tailored around respiratory health to improve the lives of those suffering from lung conditions and support providers in making better and faster clinical decisions.

3 peer reviewed publications with 200 patients each against GOLD standard stationary spirometers.

Trusted by over
30,000 physicians

20+ countries

Over 30 clinical trials across all phases of development


An integrated ecosystem tailored around respiratory health to improve the lives of those suffering from lung problems and support physicians in making better and faster clinical decisions

Case Study

Decentralize your clinical trials with one single platform

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