One dynamic solution for multiple conditions

Our digital health solution is personalized to support people with respiratory conditions.

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Do not let Asthma condition your life

  • Fully automated treatment plan to get the right insights at the right time
  • Adherence module to ensure you are always on top of your medications
  • Lung function with intelligent feedback and instructions
  • Objectively measure whether your asthma is improving
  • Improve your face-to-face conversations with your physicians

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Know what to do when it matters

Personalized digital treatment plan that triggers the right actions when your symptoms are changing, so that you dont need to worry.

Learn your patterns to remain in control

We help you become an expert at managing your Asthma, identifying your triggers and understand what works best for you.

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Optimize your therapy

Aria generates a report your physician can see your progress, adjust your treatman plan, avoid triggers so you can achieve better asthma control.

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Time to enjoy your freedom

  • Lung function monitoring with intelligent feedback and instructions
  • Adherence module to ensure you are always on top of your medications and activities
  • Smart feedback on environmental data that can affect your lung health
  • Seamlessly share the data with your care team

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Healthy lungs are core to CF care

Don’t wait unitl your next vist to see if your lung function is changing or if the therapy is working as expected.

Measure your lung function at home to reduce the risk of an infection and save travel costs and time.

Learn your patterns to remain in control

Collect your symptoms and triggers so you can understand what affects your lung health.

Curated content about how to mantain healthy your lungs and latest trends in cystic fibrosis.

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Let your CF Care team follow your progress

Share your data with a tap of a button so that your care team is always on top of how your health is chaning over time.

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All our apps are powered by the Air Next and are available on both iOS and Android platforms for smartphones and tablets.

Air Next is a CE Certified portable spirometer designed with the patient in mind.

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