Enabling Safe Spirometry, during COVID-19

With Air MD, clinicians can continue to perform diagnostic spirometry during COVID-19 in a way that is safe for both the patient and healthcare professional.

  • Due the portable nature of the AirNext device, tests can be performed anywhere
  • A Bluetooth connection between the AirNext device and the mobile-phone hosting the AirMD app mobile-phone allows the clinicians to perform Spirometry from a safe distance
  • Single patient turbine protects patients against cross-contamination
  • Device can be easily disnfected between patients

Includes one year free premium membership.

FDA and CE approved technology

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Validated in studies with more than 700 patients

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Pre- post bronchodilator analysis

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Comprehensive diagnostic report

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Perform diagnostic spirometry safely with Air MD

Socially distanced spirometry

Due to the portability of the AirNext device and its bluetooth connection with =the mobile-phone hosting the AirMD application , clinicians can direct patients to perform spirometry in a variety of safe environments, including an adjacent clinic room, outdoors, the patients car or home.

Avoid cross-contamination

Single patient use turbine and a device that is easy to disinfect between patients, helps clinicians perform diagnostic spirometry in the safest way possible.

Ongoing monitoring with NuvoAir Home

For vulnerable patients who require ongoing monitoring, NuvoAir Home can be deployed to allowsthe patient to perform spirometry from the comfort of their own home. The data can then be reviewed online by the clinician via a secure portal.

What’s in it for you?

Respiratory patients need and expect regular assessment. Using NuvoAir for socially distanced spirometry will allow you to safely manage patients on waiting lists; improving throughput, avoiding delays in diagnosis, and reducing the time to therapy optimisation for these vulnerable patients.


Provides diagnostic quality test results, delivering spirometry data acceptable

  • FEV1, FVC, FEF25-75, FIVC and % predicted
  • LLN data, z-score and volume time curve
  • Full loop inspiratoratory test
  • GLI predicted
  • Built-in quality control with measured and calculated errors
  • MEF25 (FEF75) , MEF50 (FEF50), MEF75 (FEF25), MEF75-25 (FEF25-75) and % predicted
  • MIF 50 , MIF 50/MEF 50
  • Pre-post bronchodilator test and interpretation
  • Session grading, coaching and error detection based on ATS guidelines

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