One dynamic solution for multiple conditions

Our digital health platform is personalized to support people with different respiratory conditions.

Our Digital Therapeutics solutions

Our software helps patients to track their lung health and to take the most effective medical decisions in synergy with their caregivers.

Severe Asthma

Do not let Asthma condition your life

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Cystic Fibrosis

Time to enjoy your freedom

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Engaged patients

Patients enrolled in our programs have been highly engaged, resulting in more data being collected and more time saved for both patients and physicians.

19 out of 20 members in our pilot study stayed active after one year, finding the program highly valuable.
With the possibility to measure lung health when needed, it is easier to detect exacerbations
When hospital visits can be avoided, more time can be spent on what patients really want, and need.

Powered by
Air Next

All our apps are powered by Air Next and are available on both iOS and Android platforms for smartphones and tablets.

Air Next is a CE Certified portable spirometer designed with the patient in mind.

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