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  • Lung function monitoring with intelligent feedback and instructions
  • Adherence module to ensure you are always on top of your medications and activities
  • Smart feedback on environmental data that can affect your lung health
  • Seamlessly share the data with your care team

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Healthy lungs are core to CF care

  • Don’t wait until your next visit to see if your lung function is changing or if the therapy is working as expected.
  • Measure your lung function at home to reduce the risk of an infection and save time and travel costs.

Learn your patterns to remain in control

Collect your symptoms and triggers so you can understand what affects your lung health.

Curated content about how to maintain healthy lungs and latest trends in cystic fibrosis.

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Let your CF Care team follow your progress

Share your data with a tap of a button so that your care team is always on top of how your health is changing over time.

Case studies

Learn how NuvoAir is helping advancing care in cystic fibrosis. Empowering patients to manage their disease while giving the right tools to the care team to make the right clinical decisions

NuvoAir and the Royal Brompton Hospital partner to improve cystic fibrosis care.

A PIONEERING approach to cystic fibrosis care saves on the cost and inconvenience of frequent hospital visits and could help detect changes in lung function sooner

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One quick test gives me an instant snapshot of my lungs

Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that requires intensive self-management. But now a new device can help make the lives of people who have the disorder that much easier.

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NuvoAir transforms remote care for cystic fibrosis patients

NuvoAir improves the lives of those suffering from cystic fibrosis by combining hardware and software solutions.

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If you are a cystic fibrosis center and want to improve the care of your patients please get in touch.

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Air Next is a CE Certified portable spirometer designed with the patient in mind.

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