What if you could

What if you could

We help you manage your respiratory condition and take the most effective medical decisions in synergy with your physician.

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Our Care Coordinators

We equip patients with tools for success. Our dedicated care team supports patients and make it easy for them to understand how to manage their respiratory health at home.

How it works

An integrated ecosystem tailored around respiratory health to improve the lives of those suffering from lung problems and support physicians in making better and faster clinical decisions

Track your health overtime with best-in-class technology

Recognized with multiple international awards, simple-to-use for both young and seniors, FDA cleared and CE marked.

Detect when your condition is off track with smart algorithms

Our care team and technology can detect when your respiratory health is changing and provide you with contextually relevant insights so you can take action.

Optimize your treatment by keeping your doctor in the loop

With NuvoAir your healthcare provider is always with you. Whether your are responding to a new treatment or you need instant care, we will let them know.

Proven Results*

Thanks to the thousands of doctors, patients and researchers that have chosen us, we have proven that our respiratory platform makes a difference to patients' lives.

NPS 75 Patients love us
>95% Retention in our programs
39% Reduction in unscheduled consultations

*Based on pilot study with Royal Brompton Hospital in London. 41 patients, mean age 37.3 years (SD 10.2), mean FEV1 57.3% predicted (range 24.2–103.0). Length of time using NuvoAir platform: mean 13.0 months (range 6.9–25.8).

Stories from our heroes

We are inspiring patients and physicians to achieve better respiratory health.

Our partners

Hospitals, universities, pharma companies and CROs around the world have chosen NuvoAir as their respiratory partner. We’re proud to support the work of forward-thinking, innovative players and researchers.

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