Meet our Director of Business Development: Paul Kirchmeier

Ariel Kramer

What do you do at NuvoAir?

I am working to identify long-term business opportunities and build relationships with many stakeholders including hospitals, pharma companies, and insurances. The digitalization of care is coming to reality as we speak. I help designing solutions and offerings together with our partners and our tech team that fit the transforming needs of a regulated market.

Describe a normal day in the NuvoAir office:

No day is like another. There are always new challenges to tackle both from a commercial and technological side, which makes the time fly by. We are working as an interdisciplinary team and jointly come up with innovative solutions that fit the needs of the market. Personally, I dedicate a lot of time working with partners which comes with quite a bit of travelling. In the office we run regular lunch seminars which range from coding to market access and regulatory affairs - this gets the team even closer together.

Why did you decide to work for NuvoAir?

I experienced a variety of cases of severe lung diseases in my immediate environment. If invented earlier, our technology could have saved these lives. There is probably no better motivator than the purpose of saving and improving people's lives.

What do you enjoy most about working for NuvoAir?

It is fantastic to see that we have tens of thousands of patients and caregivers around the world that are using our solutions. It is also extremely interesting that we are well integrated along the technology stack, covering hardware, apps/software and smart algorithms with a rich pipeline of R&D projects.

What differentiates NuvoAir from other companies you have worked for?

Prior to NuvoAir, I've worked both in strategy consulting and for a technology giant. All jobs were about solving complex problems. What sets NuvoAir apart is that we are working in a still very immature industry (“digital therapeutics”), where our efforts can have a huge impact on the future of the market.