Research Shows High COPD Member Engagement with NuvoAir Virtual Care

Meera MontanPublished on 2022-05-17

Improving member engagement in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is challenging yet critical to improving health outcomes while also decreasing the cost of care. A new study, presented at the American Thoracic Society 2022 International Conference, shares early data evaluating NuvoAir’s virtual care program for COPD members.

NuvoAir’s approach focuses on COPD member engagement

NuvoAir uses a patient-centered model to motivate members to make positive behavior changes in their COPD management from home. Respiratory therapists serving as care coordinators connect with COPD members remotely, guiding them through a treatment pathway designed to positively affect the care experience. Care coordinators provide personalized education and support while monitoring member health data for deteriorations that require clinical intervention.

New qualitative study evaluates member engagement in NuvoAir’s remote program

An online survey was sent to members enrolled in the NuvoAir virtual care program at one U.S.- based clinic. The survey was designed to evaluate the member experience and gather feedback about member interactions with care coordinators. Surveyed members had received program services for two to six months. Fifty-five percent of surveyed enrollees (10 members) responded. The average age of respondents was 62.4 years.

Survey results demonstrate that NuvoAir’s patient-centered approach motivates members to engage actively in their care. Care-related activities reported by responding members include the following:

· 100% percent measured their SpO2 daily

· 99% performed spirometry weekly

· 80% achieved an A–C grade on their most recent spirometry test

· Daily step counts of surveyed members ranged from 1297 to 6704 steps

· 80% used an activity tracker to measure their daily step count

· 90% rated interactions with their care coordinators extremely or very useful

· 70% reported that they were able to access monitoring technology more easily with the help of their care coordinator

· 60% reported that their care coordinator helped them feel more confident to perform spirometry from home

· 90% found NuvoAir’s text message reminders extremely or very helpful

· 70% identified the ability to measure lung function from home the most useful tool in managing their health

· 100% of surveyed members would recommend the program to other COPD patients

Data demonstrate that member interaction with NuvoAir’s care coordinators supports the regular collection of high-quality health data by members from home. In addition, care coordinators give members the confidence to use program technology to better manage their COPD. Additional studies planned to evaluate NuvoAir benefits NuvoAir will be expanding studies to evaluate the program’s impact on long-term engagement and health outcomes in a larger cohort of members.

“This qualitative study affirms the value of NuvoAir’s program to engage members in actively managing their condition,” explains NuvoAir Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eric Harker. “Our program’s combination of skilled clinical support and low-cost preventative digital tools is being successfully used by members to manage their COPD.”

Benefits provided by the NuvoAir program

NuvoAir’s patient-centric model of care cultivates member engagement through an individualized approach. Information and education is tailored to improve wellness and promote beneficial lifestyle changes. Members learn how to monitor their symptoms with their care coordinator conveniently—from the comfort of their home. When a member’s data signals early signs of distress, care coordinators reach out to guide them to clinical care before their condition worsens.

“Our care coordinators develop relationships of trust,” says Dr. Harker. “They teach members how to upload daily symptom data so that their health can be independently monitored. This combination of one-on-one care, personalized education, and easy-to-use technology fits naturally into the patient’s daily routine. With members engaged in regularly monitoring their own health, we can identify clinically significant changes at the earliest possible stage. Our care coordinators go a step further, encouraging members to reach out to their healthcare team to address issues before their health deteriorates.”

Improved engagement is the first step toward achieving better outcomes and lower health costs

NuvoAir will continue research to evaluate member health improvement through their program. “Our services are positioned to reach members at home and engage them in their COPD care,” states Dr. Harker. “We believe our program can reduce the disease burden of COPD while improving patient outcomes. The data we are collecting guides our efforts to increase patient satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and reduce the cost of COPD care.”

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