The story about our (re)brand


Pond Healthcare Innovation is now NuvoAir, and we are thrilled about this change.

The re-branding leaves our past as a design agency behind us and sets a clear path forward focusing on respiratory care.

Breathing is everything. We breathe almost 1 billion times during our lifetime. And while most of us take breathing for granted, for 1 out of every 10 people breathing can be a struggle.

NuvoAir celebrates our need to breathe. It represents a new (Nu) understanding of people's journey (Vo - Voyage) towards a one of our most vital physiological activities - Breathing (Air).

With our first product, Air Smart, we helped thousands of patients around the world to discover their lung health more easily. But this is just the beginning.

We are investing to make our software and hardware smarter. Using the data that we capture wisely, we can help patients understand how and why their lung health is changing overtime and intervene when appropriate. More importantly, we will allow patients to seamlessly connect with their physicians, so that the latter can make better and faster clinical decisions.

Although the old days as a design agency are gone, design is still part our DNA. Whether it is hardware or software our products should be beautifully designed, simple and engaging. We will relentlessly iterate until consumers are in love with them, paying attention to the smallest details.

As the re-brand is now completed a new exciting journey unfolds for NuvoAir and we cannot wait to share with you our new products and services soon to be launched.